Pump Up The Jam

Technotronic, 1990


Wet Wipez, 2014

Dir: FKA Twigs

Ancestor. Movement.

In The Ghetto

Busta Rhymes, 2006

Baby Got Back

Sir Mix A Lot, 1992

So let’s put this in perspective. This song won a Grammy in 92’ for best rap solo performance, meaning it was recognized and lauded by the entertainment industrial complex, confirming it held a significant presence within mainstream(white) America’s consciousness. The first 15 seconds of this video are classic for a reason.

"Oh my god, Becky…"

Everyone knows what this means, and it goes beyond two white chicks not understanding the allure of a black woman’s physique.

"Who understands those rap ( black) guys anyway."

"She’s just so….Black!"

You can imagine this type of conversation taking place in 1892 or 1792. It’s a conversation that we’re still having in one way or another, the utility and worth of black bodies. The black body still elicits fascination and disgust sometimes simultaneously, often simultaneously. Police officers seem to exhibit this particular response on average.

Whenever you watch a music video you are watching a condensed, highly symbolic and disarmingly subversive cultural metanarrative. So in what ways does Nicki’s reinterpretation expand or amend Sir Mix’s? First off, the lack of male presence can be seen as a feminist statement if we look at this video in conjunction with other work like Yonce or Pour it Up, for which similar arguments were made. Secondly what’s up with that cackle? There’s been some scholars doing work on her performance strategies, camp aesthetics, and the queering of her identity. Her overt silliness could be a tactic to undermine attempts to critique her as ignorant or to disrupt the image of her as purely sexual.Lastly, the final frames of the video are her walking away. I guess you could call it a kind of strip club politic but Drake clearly crossed a line by touching her which resulted in immediate severance of all contact. She initiates and she ends. Now prior to this the women present in the video touch her, touch each other, she touches them. She says look at this fat ass, admire this fat ass, admire these women admiring my fat ass, admire me admiring their fat  asses but you can’t touch this fat ass. Is there power in that? I say yes. This imagery is not suitable for little girls and it’s not meant to be. Minaj is 31 years old and I, as a grown ass woman,am here for that. 


Nicki Minaj, 2014


Dreamer Pt. 2

Dreezy, 2013

Dir: KP


Jazmine Sullivan, 2014


Nina Simone performing at the Harlem Cultural Festival (1969)

(via theblack-aesthetic)


Time, 2014

Dir: AZae Productions

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